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Simple & Classy 

You wanna wear something simple but classy look? Just put on your favorite white pair of sneakers. 

Well actually at first I hate white shoes it makes me feel like I’m a nurse(no offense though). But when I tried it……. 

I realized “oh this actually looks good”. It’s simple yet it looks classy and neat. 

I just paired it with my favorite high waisted skinny jeans from Topshop and a white cropped blouse from H&M and a small black hand bag from Salvatore Ferragamo

Well you don’t need to really find a high waisted skinny jeans or a cropped blouse, you can substitute it in any type of jeans, but ofcourse I suggest a skinny jeans or a tattered jeans. You can change the cropped blouse onto any basic shirt/blouse you have,  white/black/denim blouse/shirt would also make this simple classy look. But remember……


You don’t need any necklace in this outfit, just a few bracelets and a nice watch to pair to and those pretty sunglasses you have. 😎 Remember we’re keeping this look as simple classy neat look, it doesn’t need a lot of accessories. It is how you bring the outfit, it’s not the outfit that brings you. Get it? 🙂

 Oh and yeah your favorite shade of lippy too! I can’t leave without my Satin Rebel A44 MAC lipstick! 

I hope this blog will help you with your outfit today! 

For other styles on how to pair your white sneakers, stay tuned on my blog! Have a nice day! 

XoXo, Karen Tan! 😘❤️


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