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Casual Look


Casual look is one of our everyday look, instead of just throwing on a t-shirt, jeans and just sandals or others just wear slippers, you can make your everyday look in a stylish way. As you know I don’t follow what’s trending today, it’s just really up to my mood on what look should I wear, sometimes I stand in my closet for an hour just to find the right outfit. I mix and match a lot of times. 

In this look I’m wearing a Halter Top, Washed Jeggings and Ankle Boots. I could wear this look a lot of times, it’s really comfortable especially if you’re in Singapore. Singapore is where you will need a lot of walking. 




Top: Zara

Bottoms: Pull & Bear

Boots: Zara

Bag: Zara

Hair Color: La Riche Directions Color in (Midnight Blue & Turquoise)

For more looks feel free to fan me on lookbook:

Instagram: @karenalexistan

Xoxo, KT😘❤️🦄


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