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 Feeling grunge today? This is what I wore yesterday. A grungy look. Grunge became popular in the early 1990s. Grunge typically fuses elements of punk rock and heavy metal. This look I wore is a mix of punk rock and modern pop.

Apparently this is an accidental look. Why? Cause I have this days where I just stand in my closet and don’t know what to wear (admit it you guys have this kind of days too. Haha). 




Abercrombie: Top & Jeans

Zara: Boots

Juicy Couture: Bag

Brandy Melville: Choker Necklace

Disney Store: Cap

For more looks:


Instagram: @karenalexistan

Collab/hire me:

Xoxo, Karen Tan💋


2 thoughts on “Grunge

  1. Karen, your blog is amazing, I love it. And your outfit shots are on point, just like your style. I love the grunge vibe and yes, like everyone else, I have days just staring at a bunch of clothes and can’t decide, haha 😀

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW


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