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New York

Rise and shine Upper East Siders- oh wait. Rephrase. That was a little too “Gossip Girl”. Rise and shine bloggers! I guess you know which trip I’m talking about next. That’s right, New York! 🗽

Dreams do really come true! This is one of the happiest days in my life! New York is one of the places to go to in my bucket list. And it is more awesome cause I’m with my family.

Well it’s a 12hour drive from my aunt’s place (Fishers, Indianapolis) but it’s all worth it! We reached New York at exactly 11pm, and our first stop ofcourse the New York City Times Square! It is just really amazing, I don’t even know where to take a picture first.


Second day! Ofcourse the famous Central Park! It’s a perfect place to just relax, take pictures for your OOTD’s, to just hang out with your friends and family, and it’s really a big park!

Ofcourse I won’t leave Central Park without taking my OOTD picture. For this look I’m wearing my heat-tech leggings from ZARA, stripes crop top from FOREVER21, jacket from ZARA, boots from MERONA, and my favourite scarf from ZARA, oh and my sling bag from JUICY COUTURE. 

New York is known for fashion. So for my look I keep it simple and classy and also comfortable for a whole day walk.





And for our last day. The Statue Of Liberty! You can’t leave New York without taking a picture with the Lady Liberty right? 🙂

Soho, New York a place where you can do your shopping! Yes! Shopping! You can’t leave without doing shopping in New York! Soho is a perfect place for teenagers and young adults, they have unique and vintage stores to shop and it’s not that expensive as well! I have this favourite store where I really shop a lot of clothes, you can check out there website BRANDY MELVILLE❤️.

And ofcourse the famous GEORGETOWN CUPCAKE! Being a pastry chef it is really a must for me to visit this place! They have the best cupcake ever!
And for our last night in New York. We need to eat in a really good place! The korean way street! With the cold weather we need a Korean BBQ dinner! And it’s the best! It is a bit pricey but it’s worth it! 3 days in New York is not enough! I will definitely gonna come back here!

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Xoxo, KT💋

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