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Summer is here! One of the things I love to do when summer is riding my cruiser in Singapore! Cruising around the parks makes me really calm and having a me time, seeing the wonderful scenery around it is just breathtaking. Singapore is one of my favourite places that I have lived in, it’s clean, safe & ofcourse I don’t have any curfew! 😁

 Some say riding a skateboard/ cruiser is just for boys. Hell no! Girls can ride them also! Owning a cruiser/skateboard doesn’t mean it’s necessary to learn some tricks. Cruiser is one way of transportation as well, it really helped me a lot especially when I was still going to school and work. 


Ofcourse my OOTD(outfit of the day) won’t be gone. Haha! Skater look is here! I just mixed and match my tank tops and flannel for my skate day. You want to be comfortable while riding your cruiser. Ofcourse I always choose my 6yr old vans & my converse, they are your bestfriend when it comes to riding a cruiser. 





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