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My Life


Hey there my lovies! So this is not what I usually write in my blog, but I just wanna share to you all how I started Blogging, my love for fashion & traveling, and of course my love for photography. Well in short my life story.

Well how am I gonna start this?  Do you know that I got bullied when I was in my primary & high school days? Yup I am a victim of bullies, but the funny thing is I don’t defend myself, I even still make friends to them. Because of that I’m not that confident in myself, I don’t even believe in people who tells me that I’m beautiful. I don’t believe in myself. There’s this time that I look down on myself, that I keep on asking why am I not like them? why am I not that beautiful like them? Why do they bully me? I didn’t even do anything wrong to them. And then it hit me, when I graduated highschool, that’s where I realized that I don’t need to please them. Instead they are one of my inspirations to achieve my goals in life.


Since I was a kid I have a love for fashion already,my Mom always dresses me up, she even sew clothes for me and the best thing is she makes it more unique. And that’s where I started to love fashion, I love experimenting styles. It’s just a part of me, I have this saying “I don’t follow trends, I make my own trend.” Since I was a kid I wanna wear clothes that are quirky, unique, different from others. I even randomly dress up at home and my mom just take photos of me and there I am posing for her.

And that’s where I start to love photography I love taking pictures, I love being weird in my poses. When I am the one holding the camera I’ll just keep on clicking, I love taking candid photos. I just love to capture every moment. Especially when I travel, I don’t have a permanent home since I graduated highschool. I moved to Bacolod City to spend my college life in the University of Saint LaSalle, Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Marketing Management. But then I stopped when I’m in my 3rd yr. of college, we then moved to Singapore City and this is where my adventure starts. I got to witness and learn a different culture. I got to meet new people, this is where I gain more confidence in myself and this is where I got to realized a lot of things about life, that we should be blessed in what we have right now. We should stop worrying about our “love lifes” I admit when I was at your age “16-18” all I worry about is love, I don’t appreciate in what’s around me. I tell you girls & boys who are at this stage, to just stop, love yourself, explore things that you think that you can’t do, achieve your goals, live your life while you are young. I took the course that I really love which is Pastry and Baking in Shatec Institutes, Singapore. I got to work at Shangri-La Hotel, as a Trainee Pastry Chef. And it’s one of the best things in my life. I can buy whatever I want without asking money to my parents, I got to go to Bali, Indonesia with my Best Friends with my own money. It is the best feeling ever. I then graduated last year November. One of the goals in my life. My parents then gave me a gift to travel to USA with them. This is where I value every moments in life and this is what photography and traveling is all about for me, to take beautiful pictures around the world. And here I am again in Bacolod City, Philippines to finish my degree. And to fulfill one of my dreams to build my own Pastry Shop Business.

And this is where I started blogging, I love to share my passion. Every time I write it makes me feel alive. I don’t dress up and put make up just to impress others, I do it because it is a part of me, it is what I love to do. I want to inspire other people as well, especially to those people who got bullied, who are not confident in their-selves. That life is beautiful, each one of us is unique. We don’t need to pretend to be someone else just to feel beautiful or good about ourselves. Just do what you love to do.

As I took this pictures yesterday, it hit me really hard. I told to myself “Damn, this is the karen that they used to bully”. And this is why I decided to share my story to you guys.     Be you. Be unique. Be creative.

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6 thoughts on “My Life

  1. Hello, I just wanted to drop by and say that you inspired me to make my own blog and put myself out there. Thank you so much and I hope that you keep on doing what you’re doing 🙂

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    1. Hi sorry for the late reply! Wow, I’m so glad that I got to inspire someone. Thank You so much dear! We could do a collaboration if you want! And if you need any help and questions you can just pm me anytime. 😘


      1. You’ll get used to it! 🙂 you’ll learn a lot. Ganyan din ako when I started. Just be yourself lang. 🙂 collabs is like you’ll meet with other bloggers & take pictures/share something with each other. ☺️

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  2. Awww KT this is so cute and heartfelt. Feels like I’m getting to know more of you! Thanks for sharing this post guuurl see ya laterss


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